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Ash From the End is nigh!

Has Tumors, which he gains every 2 portals.

These will eat up all damage when you get hit, but be destroyed in the process.

His Active is a tumor explosion! Uses up a tumor (Or 1 HP if you have none, and it will be weaker) And causes a massive explosion around him! This will take up some of your survivability, but use it if you think you'll have more health than if you didn't use it!

Throne butt gives you more tumors occasionally, and makes the active's explosion stronger.

Ultras are Unbreakable and mega tumor, I'll let you find out what those do! ;)

The mod's basically finished, but could use some balancing. Feedback on balancing And/Or Bugs would be appreciated!

Thanks to https://twitter.com/fossilbro For the spritework! Appreciate it! (When are you going to get the b skin done though)


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